Project Plantae (2011) Description Plantae is a modular outdoor screen system that recalls the archetypal shape of plants and trees to fit the natural environment and integrate with it. The system is composed by 4 modules, each with it’s own shape and texture, and each module is composed by a polypropylene shade and an aluminum stick. The polypropylene shade has a different texture for each module, and this has multiple functions. In fact, being used outdoor, the different textures have the role of letting wind pass through so that the module does not fall down, but at the same time they also provide nice and always different overlapping effects with the other modules texture, and creating in this way different kind of shadows but also privacy. The closer you plant the modules, the more privacy and shadows you’ll have. Moreover, the polypropylene shade is flexible, so that the modules will move in a more natural way. The aluminum stick plays the role of a tree trunk or plant stem, and so it must be planted into the sand or in the ground. By planting the aluminum stick in different depths, the effect of the whole screen system will be more natural looking.

Each module that composes Plantæ is composed by 2 parts: a polypropylene shade and an aluminum stick. Both materials are weatherproof, corrosion resistant, durable and lightweight, and all this features make Plantæ suitable for outdoor use. Moreover, both materials are cheap, and so suitable for a large production, but also recyclable and this is a good choice to respect the environment.

Technical details
Materials: Polypropylene, aluminium
mod.1 - Height: 150cm / Width: 50cm
mod.2 - Height: 170cm / Width: 50cm
mod.3 - Height: 152cm / Width: 102cm
mod.4 - Height: 95cm / Width: 100cm
Awards and achievements 2011 * Plantae has been awarded with an honourable mention at the “6th International Outdoor Furniture Contest” by Gandia Blasco (Spain), Photos Plantae Plantae Plantae Plantae Plantae Plantae