Project Coffee set (2011) Description Nowadays, the word sustainability is the key component to consider for each new project.
For this reason, the main material to be used in this project is cork: an ecologic and 100% recyclable material, its harvesting doesn’t hurt the tree at all, and its aesthetic and technical features has a huge potential. In fact, the cork is waterproof and resistant but also comfortable and light, and all these features make this set composed by a low table and a stool suitable both for outdoor and indoor use. Thanks to its typical feature of thermal-insulator and anti-skid normally used in table-mats, here everything comes in a single solution where the table is also a mat for a hot mocha or any other container. The set is composed by a simple cork stool, that can be adapted as a table with a simple metal or plastic extension on its top.
Functionality and aesthetic in a single solution.
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