Project Chimenea (2010) Description Chimenea is a lantern that reminds the shape of a chimney, and due to the materials it is composed by, it is a mood and ambience light suitable both for outdoor and indoor use. In fact, the lantern is composed by an opaque white silicone rubber case and by an aluminium base placed on its inside, and both materials are weatherproof, durable and corrosion resistant. Moreover, both materials are lightweight and this make easier the carrying of the lantern. Furthermore, the external opaque white silicon rubber case, that also prevents the lantern to overheat, gives a nice and natural light effect. Finally, silicone rubber and aluminium are cheap and suitable for a large production, but most important they are both nontoxic and 100% recyclable, and this is an advantage for the people using the lantern but also a good choice to respect the environment.

The Chimenea lantern is composed by 2 parts: the opaque white silicone rubber case and the aluminium base. The aluminium base serves for the stability of the lantern but also as plate for the candle that is placed on it. Moreover, the aluminium base can also be easily removed to be cleaned. To carry the lantern, just grasp it from the top as a shopping bag, and since the silicone rubber is flexible, it will shrink and adapt to be easily grasped and carried. Moreover, since the silicone rubber is also heat resistant, the handle will never become hot.
Awards and achievements 2010 * Chimenea has won the 1st prize in the “5th International Outdoor Furniture Contest” by Gandia Blasco (Spain), Photos Chimenea Chimenea Chimenea Chimenea