My name is Stefano Merlo.
I'm the co-founder of Noisli.
I'm fascinated by technology and science, I love fiddling with code, making generative art, reading interesting books and drinking good coffee.
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A selections of projects I've recently been working on.

Loremipsumo.com A tool that helps you easily and quickly generate placeholder text for all your projects and layouts. The text is always unique and is generated on the fly using "Markov chains".
Hashtagcount.com A simple tool that helps you easily and quickly count, check, save, and organize all hashtags for your social media posts.
Grid.css An ultra-lightweight and responsive CSS grid based on flexbox. The goal of the project is to create a universal and easy-to-use responsive grid, with no frills, that adds no unnecessary styles and with the minimum footprint possible (<0.7kB gzipped) - so as to be the base for any project.
Css-Gradient.com A tool to easily generate and share linear or radial CSS gradients. Gradients can be generated in HEX or RGBA color format.
Noisli.com Online productivity service which lets you mix different ambient noises and create your perfect soundscape for work, sleep and relax. The service also offer an online timer for working in session and a text editor for distraction-free writing.

Generative Art

A selections of artworks generated algorithmically. You can follow me here.


A list of books I've read and that I think are worth reading. There is no special order, but in general the most recent I've read are on top.