Concept, UI/UX and Website development of / 17 September 2013

Concept, UI/UX and Website Development of

Concept, UI/UX and Website developed by Stefano Merlo Design Studio

Website development for Alessandro Stabile Design Studio / 08 October 2012

Website developed for Alessandro Stabile Design Studio.

Hollo's skin for Hollo / 13 June 2012

Hollo's skin is the new Hollo designed by Stefano Merlo.
The cell is the smallest structural and functional unit of an organism, and I wanted also Hollo to have a skin. The result is a nature inspired texture that shows a close-up of the outer skin of Hollo.

Hollo website

Hollo's skin by Stefano Merlo for Hollo

Dune for Hollo / 06 June 2012

Dune is the new Hollo designed by Stefano Merlo.
A texture inspired by flow lines created on a surface by the action of natural elements such as wind and water. The texture gives to Hollo an organic and natural look, as if shaped by wind and water.

Hollo website

Dune by Stefano Merlo for Hollo

Interview on AFajolo / 27 April 2012

Interviewed by AFajolo, a design platform that connects and creates interaction between designers and companies.
Read the interview on AFajolo
Read the interview on Compomobili

Honourable Mention
6th Gandia Blasco International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest
/ Valencia, Spain

Stefano Merlo has received the honourable mention at the prestigious "Gandia Blasco International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest", with the project PLANTAE.
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Mobile version launched / 10 August 2011

The mobile version of has been launched.

Teaching Assistant at Free University of Bozen / 27 September 2010, Bolzano (Italy)

Stefano Merlo is now working as Teaching Assistant (WUP projects) at the Free University of Bozen.

1st Prize Winner
5th Gandia Blasco International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest
/ Valencia, Spain

For the second time, 1st Prize Winner of the 5th Gandia Blasco International Outdoor Furniture Design Contest, with the project CHIMENEA.
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Interview on FRIDAY Magazine / 4 June 2010

Interviewed by Friday Magazine, a weekly Dubai-based magazine part of the English newspaper Gulf News.
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TShirt commisioned by LOVE ELECTRO™ FESTIVAL / 30 April 2010, Brixen/Bressanone (Italy)

Part of the young designers asked to create of a t-shirt for the Love Electro™ Festival 2010
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Exhibition at UpLoad Art Project / 19 December 2009 - 23 January 2010, Trento (Italy)

Exibithion with the project Energy Bucket at the new space for contemporary arts "UpLoad Art Project" in Trento, Italy. Exhibition curated by Silvia Conta, Federico Mazzonelli and Paola Stelzer.
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New website launched / 1 October 2009 v3.0 has been launched

YDMI for Europe / 17-21 September 2009, Verona (Italy)

Stefano Merlo part of YDMI for Europe during the "Abitare il Tempo" fair in Verona (Italy), from 17 to 21 September 2009. Curated by ADI, IED, INNOVeTION VALLEY and Industreal.
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Design Academy Eindhoven - IM master student / 2009-2011, Eindhoven (the Netherlands)

Stefano Merlo is now an IM Master student at the Design Academy Eindhoven.